markus hofer

orfeus kharm


"I see organism as organization of organs, which is more or less closed in itself. It is difficult to imagine an organism completely closed in itself. Perpetuum Mobile is an illusion or a dream of an autocratic tyrant. Different living organisms, their families as well as various biological and social spheres, all the kinds of economic and non-economic structures and organizations such as trusts and firms, whole nations and states can be defined as organisms. Any organism has natural foramina – eyes, ears, mouth, nose, skin, genitals, eliminative organs – those which give an ability to express itself and liberate itself and those which are used to receive something from the outside: strawberries, orders, sounds and smoke, smell of thyme or cinnamon, ghosts, stimulation and stimuli…Organisms are permeable. They have to be permeable. On the level of organisms, the idea of monads formulated by Leibniz is the same thins as mortal starvation; organism and its organs could be subjected with mortal psychosis, they would stiffen, stone, dry. Organization of organs, organization of natural foramina – those “gates of perception” – is defined by fear and paranoia, lust and concupiscence. To remove organism – as Arteau dreamt, he was in the constant fight against organs, i.e. fight for body without organs, composed with desires only – it seems to me impossible, at least for certain organisms. I imagine the scheme as a closed one of organization of capital, production and consumption, which can be called, at the end, an organism. This organism – as an insatiable monster – can exist, obviously, in the conditions of its own expansion only. We are organs of this organism – this monster; we are organs replaceable with different levels of difficulties, because organs of this organism are instruments! Isn’t the most stupid division of labour singing an immutable plaintive song of instruments and organs? Capital produces commodities of any type with our hands, and these commodities take our time in the same scale, when we are not instruments of production. Commodities catch us from different sides, instruments penetrate us and demand us to become instruments of consumption. This excessive penetration of commodities into our life is to regulate us in the society, at the end, and to control us in politics. Inside this organism we descend to the level of instruments of production and consumption. From this point we are going to another scheme where movements of the growing inspectorate by a paranoiac organism called the state by us are performed. We know various methods of organized control, such as reconnaissance, listening-in and any kinds of visual observation. In addition, vast electronic data-bases have been being created, mechanical and genetic fingerprints have been being taken, cash fluids are under control, language is under the regulations, political slogans have been being offered and pressing in the society has been being created… At the end, a complete control could be built with the aim of obliteration of our private spaces, which are, even now, a threat for the social culture – to make exclusively “state organs” from us. Such organs in the “society of performance” control themselves independently. They play private roles provided for them purposefully in the state economical “concert” as well as possible, just to be easily replaceable again. The general bass of this concert for millions is spell of danger of destroying of our culture by outside forces. In such way, a constant threat is simulated, it is to justify destroying of our private spaces. By the end there will be a concert, first of all, in the State Opera-house, which embodies the whole world; and paranoiac state will play masterly at its own organs – as organist at his organ. I draw a line in the scheme, as it happens in dreams; there are no “either – or” – there is “and” only. Everything is crossing and intertwining. All constants longing to form an organism are hidden and melted. All the ways of perception and representation become equal, and there is no reason to set principal differences. Spoken word returns in heard word, and it has not been defined yet, and speech is springing up from the process of speaking and listening. Associative lines are not moving to the essence any more. We are trying to escape from semiotic of authority, from structure of orders which are followed with death – because any order is death in a sense as well as a constant of authoritative and paranoiac organization. This escape becomes a creative one: it is transforming forms, decomposing contours and producing metamorphosis. We close our eyes and listen to. It would be better just to close our eyes without listening to. We should become a kind of metamorphs – those who are able to transform themselves into animals and objects, - to collect another experience, including emotional one, which are out of control of traditional structures of authority. We should pass through metamorphosis! We should become ghosts! Our ghosts are entering us with all the possible ways, they are condensing inside us and calling for transformations – not to become ourselves but to liberate them from their own heritage and to provide them a chance to realize their transformation inside us. And it is absolutely another form of communication. We should become werewolves to receive a chance to become human beings." markus hofer (2008)